This  program gave me a clear, undeniable, and very enlightening experience of my true inner self. I recommend it for those seeking a direct  experience of truth. -- Barry Gillette, Portland, Oregon 


If you really want what you've always wanted you will get it with the S.E.T. method. -- Maria Santos, Tualatin, Oregon

The SET technique showed me that "I", "God" is all there is. The Truth revealed. -- Ruby Norrey, Clakamas, Oregon

I  found a richness of meaning I hadn’t anticipated; a great many  teachings came vibrantly alive for me. I also got and took  an opportunity to admit that I wasn’t as far along as I wanted others to  believe. I got to quit pretending – and it was OK. -- Patal Rameshsingh, Portland, Oregon

During my S.E.T. sessions with the facilitator I was gifted with a breathtaking New Reality that is just a beginning of the life I’ve desired for forty years. -- Marni Moreno, Salem, Oregon

More potent than any other self development program that I’ve ever  experienced. More real than meditation or any other spiritual  technique that I know of. More real than you can imagine.  -- Lucille Leon, Vancouver, WA

The  SET program is top-notch, the best. I wholeheartedly recommend it to  everybody who wants to be truly happy – the kind of happiness that you know in your gut is the real thing. And, if you want to have solid peace of mind, do these sessions ​-- B. B. Aubrey, Vancouver, WA