BOOK a S.A.T. Session for $100

Email us to schedule a session 2-hour S.A.T. Session

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There are 3 ways to join us for your S.A.T. Session:

  1. SKYPE: Email us your SKYPE contact name.
  2. IN PERSON: 162 Spicer St. Scottsburg, OR
  3. OVER THE PHONE: (541) 587- 4360 (There is an additional $10 utility charge for all phone sessions.)


The $100 fee for the 2-hour S.A.T. Session is paid/sent prior to the Session. For phone Sessions only the fee is $110 (see #3 above). After you book your Session with the email form to the left, you will receive instructions about how to pay.

162 SPICER ST., SCOTTSBURG, OR 97473, United States