the thought-free state of "JUST ME" IS ENLIGHTENMENT


The “I” of all of us is ENLIGHTENMENT.

I am referring to our thought-free, innocent, inner "I." Not the frail, fearful ego-mask that we mistakenly assume ourselves to be. 

When we were kids, we didn't have a mask - or much of one.

Look at a photo of yourself as a child.

Notice the “just me” sense of self that the photo evokes. That simple, down to earth, intimate sense of self is very familiar. Right?

In spite of the fact that everything about you has changed over the years, you immediately recognize the essence of you in the child in the photo; you recognize it as the same essence that you are now, as an adult. "That's me, just me," you think when you see yourself in the old photo. You look at your picture and feel exactly what it feels like to be you. 

The ordinary sense of “just me” has not changed over the years. The simple, intimate and quiet sense of self that you had as a child is the very same sense of self you have right now and that you will have tomorrow.

It is the only thing about you that has never changed. Do you notice that?

Also, quiet introspection reveals that this “just me” has a sense of authenticity of being about it.

It is vitally important to notice that no other experience has this authenticity. No other experience is as REAL.

If you notice, the "just me" is the only thing about you that is REAL. 

Everything else is part of your ego-mask. 

Only the “just me” of you is REAL and never changes.

What do you call that which is REAL and never changes?

Seers, sages, and yogis call it Para Brahman, ULTIMATE REALITY.

There is only one thing in the Cosmos that does not, will not, and cannot change. There is only one ULTIMATE REALITY.


The “just me” of you.

That your mind does not “get it” does not matter.

The mind will never "get it."

What matters is the direct, visceral, uncomplicated experience of "just me."

When we say "direct experience" we mean, experience without thought or perception. We mean, experience without mind. And BEING "just me" without thought or perception means BEING without mind.

Using a powerful consciousness technology called the SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TECHNIQUE® (S.A.T.), the Facilitators at the Tachyon Portal help you to BE without mind.

In other words, S.A.T. Sessions with the Facilitators help you drop the mind - to one degree or another.


S.A.T. Sessions help you drop all thought, perception, and preoccupation with time, space, and dimensionality. All of which are not actually REAL.

S.A.T. Sessions help you dissolve the compulsive habit of constantly deferring to a limited, self-sabotaging ego as a default way of BEING in the world.

S.A.T. Sessions help you to directly see that your down to earth, everyday sense of “just me” always has been, is now, and always will be AUTHENTIC ENLIGHTENMENT.

S.A.T. Sessions help you to get your foot in the door of genuine ENLIGHTENMENT. 

S.A.T. Sessions help you take off your mask – and discover Cosmic Para Brahman, your natural state of BEING “just me.” 

**(NOTE: The word "just" is very important in the phrase "just me." It means without conscious or subconscious mental activity of any kind - no thoughts, emotions, perceptions, projections, programs, visions, communications, intuitions, or sensations of any kind.)

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stabilizing the three stages of ENLIGHTENMENT

There are three "stages" of  ENLIGHTENMENT. 

The first stage is the direct experience of simply being “ME”.

This original "ME" exists in its pristine simplicity before, beneath, and beyond all  thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

Some say this innocent "ME" resides just a hair's breadth beneath the subconscious mind. 

The second stage involves directly noticing the nature of this “ME”. That is, it involves the quiet, undramatic, pre-perceptual realization that this everyday sense of “just me” is the fulfillment of everything I want. 

In other words, it involves the unmistakable realization that, among other things:

  • I AM, was, and always will be the only source of love and approval that I've been trying to get from others all my life. 
  • I AM, was, and forever will be the absolute security and stability that seems to be missing from my life. 
  • I AM, was, and always will be the one and only source of  happiness and peace that I seek. 

In other words, I am my own ENLIGHTENMENT.

The third stage is the clear cognition that myself, all others, and the Universe are ONE BEINGNESS.

This is experienced as the living REALITY of  ONENESS.

As this UNITY dawns, not only does the sense of being a separate self disappear, but it also becomes crystal clear that there never was a separate self!

The VEDAS bluntly affirm this ONENESS when it famously says: I AM THAT, THOU ART THAT, ALL THIS IS THAT.




One S.A.T. Session can help anyone complete the first stage.

That first S.A.T. Session is also designed to help anyone complete the second stage

And although it is theoretically possible to directly experience the third stage during the first S.A.T. Session, often the individual opens to this stage after a few months or years (depending on the intensity of desire).

So after the S.A.T. Session we give a practical tool to help nurture the third stage of ENLIGHTENMENT.

We call this tool the “JUST ME” Process. It is a very simple, effective, and pleasant method of allowing the attention to quietly rest in the true nature of “JUST ME”. 

Over time, this devotion to SELF becomes the GRACE that reveals UNITY. 

It is up to the individual how much time to devote to this daily practice.

The facilitators of this process have had many decades of meditation and self-inquiry experience and have studied and practiced meditation with several ENLIGHTENED BEINGS, some world renowned and some who prefer to remain anonymous. 

Based on this experience, the facilitators consider the “JUST ME” Process to be one of the highest, most direct, and simplest programs of SELF REALIZATION available anywhere on Earth.


unhappiness is just AN UNEXAMINED ASSUMPTION


Deep within all of us, whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, whether we experience it or not, exists the “cause” of all of our suffering.

At the same time, deep within us, whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, whether we experience it or not, exists the “cause” of all of our happiness.

Both Heaven and hell reside within is. 

The good news is only Heaven is real.

Then why does much - or even most - of human life reflect the unreality of hell?

Because, deep within every one of us lurks an unnatural, default, and almost primordial assumption, acquired by countless social, parental, and ambient suggestions.

This core assumption is the source of hell, the source of all suffering.


That assumption was planted in our brains as innocent children and, through the shared agency of an almost universal and uninvestigated agreement that the assumption is true, remains embedded and active within us today as “mature adults”. 

That uninvestigated assumption is the root cause of all unhappiness, disease, and suffering. 

If we remove ourselves from the thinking process and isolate the core assumption as an energetic structure and then quietly observe that structure, we notice that it is a house of cards precariously kept from collapsing by a single, unexamined, core belief – the core belief that the assumption must be absolutely true!

What is the unexamined, unhappiness-producing assumption that most of us almost constantly cling to? 


It is this: I am an autonomous, sovereign, individual separate from you and everything else. 

Assuming the capacity to exist as a sovereign, separate, individual “I” gives immediate birth to the following foundation-less array of limiting second tier beliefs:


  • I breathe 
  • I think
  • I perceive 
  • I choose
  • I act
  • I move
  • I feel
  • I am aware 
  • I know
  • I create
  • I live
  • I etc.

If you take a quiet, thought-free look at the assumed belief of “separation” and its bevy of unenlightened offspring you can begin to directly sense/see the TRUTH. 


Do I breathe, think, know, act, move, etc.? 


Or, is there SOMETHING ELSE that breathes, thinks, knows, and acts through “me”?

Could it be that: 


Taking a quiet, thought-free look at the belief of assumed “separation” is what the S.A.T. Sessions are all about. 


S.A.T. Sessions offer glimpses of the feeble fiction of assumed separation and glimpses of THAT WHICH IS right beyond the imagined veil of separation.


Once a person gets even a tiny glimpse of the phoniness of a separate “I” and opens to the forever fact of ONENESS, that person "enters" the realm of ENLIGHTENMENT, the natural realm of HAPPINESS without sorrow. 


In other words, once a person gets even a tiny glimpse of the phoniness of a separate “I” and opens to the forever fact of ONENESS, that person steps into the natural realm of "just me."



"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics


AWARENESS is all there is.

Every object is AWARENESS. 

The substance of all things is AWARENESS.

Nothing exists but AWARENESS.

The essential constituent of everything is AWARENESS.

Nothing can be found but AWARENESS.

Nothing can be experienced but AWARENESS.

Experience itself is AWARENESS.

Activity is AWARENESS.

Existence is AWARENESS.

Everything is AWARENESS.

No-thing is AWARENESS. 

The communion of Everything/No-thing is AWARENESS.

As the communion of hydrogen and oxygen is found as water, vapor, or ice, the communion of The Great Everything and the Great No-thing is found as you, me, and ALL-THAT-IS.


Therefore, in light of all of the above, the real HOLY COMMUNION, is "just me."

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